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Welcome to the Princess Roleplay WikiEdit

Welcome to Princess Roleplay Wiki, where your princess dreams come true! Have YOU ever wanted to be a princess? Now you can! You can create a little princess, train her, and ready her for the throne!

Help our wiki grow by creating and editing pages and pictures!

Happy princessing!

Princess TheBurrow

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  • edit Princess Roleplay Wiki
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    Edited the section: Wiki projects
  • new page Virgo's Coffee Shop
    created by A Wikia contributor
    New page: Add a photoWelcome to Virgo's Coffee Shop
  • edit Sagittarius Carriage Shop
    edited by TheBurrow diff
    Added photo:
  • new page Capricorn's Horses Shop
    created by TheBurrow
    New page: This shop is part of the Zodiac Shop RingAdded by TheBurrow Hiya! I'm Capricorn, but you can call me Capri. Ready to find your dream horse? Note:...
    Added photos:
  • new page Sagittarius Carriage Shop
    created by TheBurrow
    New page: &nbsp Welcome to the Sagittarus Carriage Shop! I'm Gemini. Here I can help you find the perfect carriage! Horses not included. Edit Carriage
    Added photos:
  • new page Carrige
    created by TheBurrow
    New page: Carrige is a special sport played at Ponmaplea School

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  • edit Castle Woodmund
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  • new page Ponmaplea Castle
    created by TheBurrow
    New page: Ponmaplea CastleAdded by TheBurrow Welcome to Ponmaplea Castle! This is the main Princess Training School!
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  • new page Tutors
    created by TheBurrow
    New page: If one of your characters is a tutor, please leave a link to their page here.
  • edit Princess Clothes Shop
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